#SAHMhood (stay-at-home-mom-hood)

Getting out of the house with twins is an act of God. Getting out of the house alone? Even harder. Being a #SAHM means just that… staying at home, being a mom. You don’t have the luxury of deciding to run to the grocery store on a whim to whip up a new foodie find on Pinterest, or running out to meet a girlfriend for a drink, like before having kids. Now, everything has to be planned out to a T, and part of that plan has to include backup plans for when your original plans fall through. Because no, your plans will NOT go according to how you dreamt them up in that wishful little head of yours.

Today was a day that I actually got to get out of the house without the munchkins, and GAH does it feel good! I love my little snaggletooth minis but sometimes you just gotta take a break. And today is one of those days… for *maybe* an hour or so.

So after I went and dropped some $$ at Sephora – albeit way less than I used to when I never left the house without flawless makeup and perfectly placed hair – and of course caught a sale at Osh Kosh, I opted to grab a Green Tea Lemonade from Starbucks and sit my happy ass out in the courtyard of the mall and soak up this sunshine that has come out to play today.


But time’s up….  #SAHMhood calls….


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