“Mom” jeans

We’ve all heard it, or at least thought it. “I’m a mom now. I can’t wear that, can I?” I was at the mall with a girlfriend and as we were walking I saw a new store, and we both commented on how cute one of the outfits were in the window. Then I said it, “I don’t know that I can shop in there…” and my girlfriend laughed, because she knew exactly what I meant.

The struggle is real when it comes to finding your place in the style world after you’ve had kids. And it’s a struggle that everyone seems to have an opinion on. Today I was ready and waiting for the the twins to wake up so we could head to my stepson’s first all star baseball tournament. My husband and son were walking out the door and I asked him if he was SURE that my outfit didn’t make me look fat. He of course said no, but pointed out the chocolate I had gotten on my shirt from the granola bar I had just eaten. DAMN IT! And he followed up his observation with, “Your tits are kind of hanging out anyways. You’re a mom now, those days are over.” (He said it laughing and joking, so before any of you get all, “UH! OMG your husband is such a jerk,” I wanted to make that clear.)

But he said what a lot of people think about so many moms. Is there really a line for what’s appropriate and what’s not? On one hand I agree, as a wife and a mother I should definitely maintain an image that I would be okay with my daughter mimicking, and does not make me look “unable” to be a good mother. Does showing a little skin make someone a “bad” mom?

In the other corner, I’m proud to not be ridiculously huge and much larger than before I had kids. Yea, I have a little more bulge around my midsection and my boobs aren’t quite as perky as they once were, but I look pretty damn good to have carried twins for 37 weeks! So why should I resort to wearing ankle length skirts and turtlenecks for the rest of my life?

Everyone has their own opinion on this, whether they’ve had children or not. Check back later for some of my opinions and what I do wear and what I do NOT wear now as a mom…


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