Shattered glass, fake pets, southern drawls and mistaken identities. All before noon

Today I had quite an experience at the park when I took the duo to swing for a bit. Both an enjoyable but also somewhat confusing experience.

After my little terrors wreaked havoc at the grocery store… 


… we pulled in the park to get some sunshine and swinging in. As per the typical way, one (or so I thought) of the two bucket swings was taken, but the adults with the child immediately decided to pull her out so I could have both swings. It’s happened this way without fail every time I’ve gone to the playground, and I can not express how grateful I am! Although I don’t expect it, it’s just one of those gestures that other moms seem to give because they see me with two little ones… all by myself.

But back to the story. As I walk up, Grandpa is bringing the swing to a halt while Mom says, “excuse me, I’m sorry, we have a cat in here,” and proceeds to pull a grey cat out of the second swing. Wait, what just happened?!? It took me a second but I realized it wasn’t a real cat, but a ceramic one. And then I realized they had a second one behind us on the side wall. Huh? I was so confused.

The mother takes off for a run, leaving Grandpa with the girls – the youngest one absolutely horrified that her mother has left her. I felt so bad for her, that I stepped in to see if I could calm her down. I walked over and asked her if she could help me with my babies, since I had two and was all by myself, and if she could introduce her “cat” to them. Pretty quickly, she calmed down and started to enjoy herself.

Grandpa and I started chatting after this, and he was a pretty interesting character. With a slow, southern drawl he told me about his teaching career and his interest in history. I shared with him that I studied history in college, and am a writer. “Have you been published?” he asked. And of course I said yes, and explained most of my work has been in magazines but that I’ve taken on the blogging world just recently. He asked my name so I gave him both my maiden name and my married name, since my bylines have been under both names. But what I forgot to mention was that when he went home to search me on the internet is that there is another female on the world wide web that shares both my first and my maiden name…

Several years back my dad was bored one day and decided to Google search his name, my mom’s, brother’s and mine. All three of their names popped up people that were lawyers, doctors and very esteemed professions. And then he popped my name in the teeny little search bar. And my name pulled up results in only one profession… actress. And not the type that keeps wears clothes.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when this sweet man goes home and Googles me….

I hope he remembers my married name and is able to find this post, so I can clear up that it’s not MY lady bits he accidentally found! Oy vey.

Moral of the story? Everything we read on the internet isn’t true, and jumping to conclusions isn’t always best. No, I am not the porn star that shares my name. Yes, it was very odd this family had fake cats they were toting around the park, but the little girls was very sweet and their grandpa very friendly, offering up very enjoyable conversation. But seriously… I would love to know the story behind those cats….


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