Monday again? Try monotony

To the start of every work week it’s splashed all over social media. “I hate Monday!” “Mondays suck!” For those in the working world, Monday is a symbol and a reminder that “playtime” is over and it’s back to the grind of the workweek.

But for a #sahm who doesn’t have kiddos in school yet, Monday is JUST ANOTHER DAY. You see, we don’t get to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday, or even take a half day Friday. Three day holiday weekend? Shiiiiiit… can you use that in a sentence please? ‘Cause I’m not exactly sure what that is anymore.

You see, being a #sahm is a full-time job that overtime is just considered regular time – ergo you work EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY. Every day you start at the same time, and follow the same routine, with some variations in there of course. Every morning you wake up to those little voices that ARE NOT just in your head, and have to swap out poopy diapers for clean ones. You have to entertain while preparing breakfast and making sure that the minis aren’t pulling pots and pans out of the cabinets, unwinding the entire roll of toilet paper, not tossing their sippy cups of milk down the cat door, or crying incessantly because you’re taking too long to prepare their 2-star meal. And this lasts pretty much all day, save for the times you’re actually able to get out of the house.

(Thankfully, my kids are OBSESSED with their Radio Flyer wagon. We go on long wagon rides daily – and yes, even on Saturday and Sunday – because it’s kind of their happy place. So we ride, well, THEY ride. Most days, this is our “getting out of the house.”)


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that I get to stay home with my kids and be there for their every milestone and first. I get to see their faces turn up when given a piece of lime and see their faces twist in horror of the taste (unless you’re my son, who can kill an entire lime without so much as a pucker and get mad when there’s no pieces left on his tray). I love that I don’t have to get up extra early to not just get myself ready for work, but my kids ready for daycare, and make sure their bag is packed with plenty of diapers and labeled sippy cups.

But, it all starts to wear on you after a while. You wouldn’t trade it for the world, but every now and then a day or two off would be SO NICE. Hell, just give me three hours off to just go run some errands without having to strap and unstrap two kids into car seats just to get some bananas and milk, or to be able to sit in the courtyard of the mall on a nice day. Being a #sahm wears on you internally like you wouldn’t believe.

So yes, for the working world, #mondayssuck. But for the #sahm world, #monotonysucks. I’m just glad I have super cute kids! 😜


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