The sacrifices we make as parents

In October of 2014, when we found out we were pregnant with twins, my husband and I knew that me going back to work after six weeks of maternity leave just wasn’t going to work for us. It also didn’t help that I was let go from my job…. two days before our first doctor’s appointment where we found out there were two buns in the oven! And the week prior to me being let go? We closed on our house. Yea, fun times.

Thankfully, we purchased a home that was affordable with just one of our incomes (a decision I highly recommend to anyone). But we still had to make some decisions to cut expenses in all areas we could to ensure we weren’t going to get ourselves in a tight spot when permanently going from two incomes to one (and my income was a pretty darn good one, I might add). We got rid of my 3 series BMW…

Please pause for a moment of silence in memory of White Shadow….


And we got a freakin’ minivan. No big ass SUV for me! After looking at a few, we realized just how difficult and annoying it would be to have to lift not one, but TWO BABY CARRIERS, into a higher vehicle with my only five foot tall frame. There was just absolutely no way. So after several other reasons were also realized, and a few come to Jesus moments, we had to finally make the decision to get a van.

Blurred minivan

We made several other sacrifices, like lowering our channel selection on the T.V. (because really, who needs hundreds of channels??), I started couponing and meal planning when it came to grocery shopping, and luckily the fact that it got too difficult to sit at a restaurants (I was HUGE and started swelling towards the end of my pregnancy) made it easy to quit eating out as much.

Another sacrifice we made was our gym memberships. My husband rarely used his, let’s be honest, but I LOVED my gym. The staff all knew me, I went to a BodyFlow class every Sunday morning, and a pretty intense kickboxing class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I hit the machines on other days.

After canceling the gym membership I kept up my yoga practice pretty well at home until about six months into my pregnancy. It just got too hard. I walked a ton during my 37 weeks also, but once the kiddos arrived, it has been TOUGH to get back into a routine. We do walk a lot, and I’ve even attempted some running. But I’m just nowhere in it like I used to be.

So here I am. Trying to get my ass back in shape without going to a gym!


It’s actually kind of nice and enjoyable to workout in this setting, to be honest. Without all of the machines and TVs, it makes for a pretty organic exercise routine – concentrating on natural movements and no sounds of metal slamming down or treadmills whirring in the background. And I have to say, my audience is pretty damn cute too 😉

One thing is for sure: I’m going to always exercise and encourage my kids to be active as well. Being healthy and taking care of yourself is NOT a sacrifice I’m going to make. I want to live healthy, and I want my kids to be and live healthy as well. I want them to love being outside running around, I can only hope and pray they continue to eat as healthy as I feed them right now (most days). And the absolute best way to try and guarantee these hopes I have for my littles is to lead by example.

As a #sahm you make sacrifices in so many ways, and these sacrifices go much deeper than just selling your sports car or canceling your gym membership. You have little beings that learn EVERYTHING from you; that look up to you; who think you’ve hung the moon; and want to be like you (for a little while, anyways). And one of the best sacrifices I can actually NOT make, is the one in which I take care of myself, in order to teach my children how to do the same.


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