#skincaresunday : Tony Moly sheet masks

Y’all, I just got a bunch of Tony Moly I’m Real sheet masks!! And I’m so excited.

I’ve recently developed an obsession with Korean skin care products – “k-beauty” – and one of my favorite products so far is the sheet mask. Sheet masks are cotton or fibre cloths, or sheets, that literally lay on your face like a mask. You tear open the fun packaging (a lot of what k-beauty is known for is their fun and unique box and label designs) to find a super soaked mask with eye, nose and mouth cutouts. Very simply, you unfold the sheet and place it on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and VOILA! You’re all moisturized and nutrient-filled! Each mask has some pretty intense benefits, from pore tightening and evening out skin tone, to blemish control and brightening.

The other day I was doing some price comparisons on other things and I came across a beauty store on Amazon Prime (I’m obsessed) with a set of 11 Tony Moly sheet masks for less than $11… which is an AMAZING price! At Sephora.com you can get 2-packs for $7.50 – making each mask cost $3.75, and at Ulta.com just a single for the same $3.75 per mask cost. My Amazon Prime order? Only about 0.99 a mask. And yes, these are legit. The only difference is that the set from Amazon doesn’t have English on the packaging (well, it has some but not perfect English). Click here to see the exact ones I bought to see what I mean.


Tonight I tested out the Clear Skin rice mask. I’ve never used any of the Tony Moly masks before, and compared to other k-beauty brands and the Sephora Collection, the mask was pretty thick. It didn’t adhere to my skin like other brands I’ve used so I was worried I wouldn’t feel as soft and hydrated as when I’ve used other brands. But when I peeled the mask off my skin felt great! And it still does! We’ll see how my skin reacts throughout the night…

I’m absolutely PUMPED that I have 10 more sheet masks to try out. I’ll keep you all posted on my favorites!

Have you gotten on the k-beauty bandwagon? What are your favorite products?


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