On being a fiasco


Per dictionary.com this word refers to “a complete and ignominious failure.” And if you Google search the definition of fiasco you get this:


Ha! A lot of my life can quite possibly be categorized as such. By some anyways.

Out of high school I attended Kennesaw State for two semesters, lost the HOPE Scholarship and moved back to my parents. I decided Athens and Cosmetology school were my next steps, even though my parents disagreed. So I packed up my clothes and bedding (just bedding, no bed or any other furniture for that matter) and convinced a townhome community to let me sign a lease without a cosigner. I slept on a pallet I made with my bedding for the first couple of nights, until my parents decided to just let me have my furniture since I was legally bound to a place for 12 months anyways!

I worked at a used clothing store downtown Athens and attended Cosmetology school. After a year of living in Athens, I moved back to my parents house YET AGAIN to commute and finish out my classes. I also decided to go back and get my Bachelors degree so I attended community college for a year, until I got HOPE back and needed to transfer to a four year university. That’s when I moved in with some family who lived much closer to Atlanta, and this allowed me to commute to Georgia State. I busted my ass and graduated.

Since I received my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, I’ve been a copywriter for a furniture company, an Administrative Assistant at an insurance broker’s office, an Executive Admin at a heating and air manufacturing company, and in sales at a company that created baby clothes, gifts and party favors. The span of time from graduation to my last day in sales? Five years.

Some people may look at that track record and think, “What the hell is her problem?” But I truly believe the ends justify the means. And my story isn’t over yet! I’m loving where I am in life right now. Sure, I wonder “what if” when I think about having stuck it out as a copywriter, or in any of my other positions. But you know what? Oh well. That’s life. Maybe I did fail, embarrassingly so, at what I’ve done professionally thus far, but the fact that I’m here writing about it on my blog, not letting it keep me from trying something new and putting myself out there, speaks volumes in my opinion. I learned A LOT from my previous jobs and the people I met through each of them. So I wouldn’t call my professional track record a COMPLETE failure!

As for other “fiascos” in my life? Well, more than twice I’ve realized halfway through the day that my underwear was on inside out; removed a customer’s eye makeup with rubbing alcohol instead of makeup remover (in my first few days of working at a makeup counter, and I swear I never made this mistake again); backed into a stop sign with a friend in the car, and other friends standing in the parking lot watching the whole debacle; rear-ended an FBI agent on the way to school one morning to then have two agents come to my house and question me about the government property I damaged; and my college days? Well, there are more stories that I’ll share with you all as time goes on! 

Sure, in a lot of the moments of my life so far I may have “failed” and quite possibly have been embarrassed. But now? I can look back and realize the lessons learned, laugh hysterically because I can’t believe my world isn’t a real-life Truman Show, or both. So being a fiasco isn’t such a bad thing in my opinion!

My lesson about the fiascos of my life that can translate to yours? Empty your field of $#&%@ when it comes to caring what people think about your path. We all have our own story to curate, and there’s no reason for being embarrassed. Hell, Thomas Edison was told as child that he was too stupid to learn anything. Imagine if he had let that define him and keep him from trying! And J.K. Rowling was a single mom living on welfare before she  killed it with the Harry Potter series! See? We all fall, but it’s in how we pick ourselves back up and keep going that keeps us from truly failing.


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