#skincaresunday : Benton honest line

So I promised #skincaresunday for each week and I’ve already epically failed at staying on schedule. But hey, it was a holiday weekend, and it was all I had to not go insane and run off into the woods this past American-proud holiday.

If you saw any of my posts last week then you noticed that we got stuck with the pleasure of  keeping my parents new dog while they enjoyed some leisurely lounging all day on the quiet beaches of Longboat Key. For NINE days I kept a super sweet Corgi that happened to start having health issues two days into her time at our abode.

Not only did I have the twins, two cats, my husband in town all week, and my stepson all weekend, we had a dog that came down with a UTI and turned out to have two bladder stones, needing two pills, twice a day, and is set for surgery sometime this week. Yea, my time was limited this week!

But, I digress. Even though my week has been ridiculously more hectic and busier than usual, I knew the stress of everything could have a negative impact on my skin, so I was diligent to maintain up a skincare routine and use the new K-beauty products I recently got.

Keeping it simple, I want to tell you all about Benton Cosmetics Honest Line. I. AM. IN. LOVE.

There are two products that make up the Honest Line – Honest Cleansing Foam and Honest TT Spray.

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The cleansing foam is a product that if the saying “a little goes a long way” rings true, it would definitely be a way to describe this stuff. It squeezes out of the tube as a fairly thick, white cream. And as you mix it with warm water to wash your face, you feel it smooth out and lather. It boasts an unbelievably clean scent and leaves your skin feeling so pure it’s insane! I haven’t tried it to see if it removes makeup, so I can’t attest to that. But I can say that as a morning facewash this is the jam!

The TT Spray is a pretty nifty little product as well. Several years ago, I read an article about Tea Tree Oil, also known as Melaleuca, and how it’s a great essential oil to use for acne. Well, if you’ve read anything about how and why I got into cosmetics, then you’re aware that I suffered from horrible, cystic acne for years. I even took some intense medication- twice – to try and blast it out of me. The tea tree oil was something I started dabbing on a slightly damp cotton ball and essentially used as my toner. I did this every night for quite a while, and it worked wonders! I still use it, but not every night. I stand by this essential oil and its benefits. Which is why I was so interested in the TT Spray, it’s a light spray-on that takes the intensity of straight tea tree oil down several notches. I’ve been using it each morning after I wash my face, and the occasional evening. It really seems to be helping me maintain clear skin! So far so great!

What’s an even neater fact about the Honest TT Mist? Every single ingredient is ranked a 1 by the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database – the lowest hazard rating an ingredient can achieve. If you’ve never checked out any of your cosmetics products on this site, I highly encourage you to. Even if you don’t think you care about the possible toxic levels that could impact your health and the environment, you may be surprised at how you react to some of your cosmetics’ ratings.

Overall? I highly recommend these products! Since I’ve been using them, my husband has even made a comment on how good my skin has been looking. #winning


UPDATE: Do not, I repeat, do NOT use the foaming cleanser to attempt to remove eye makeup or even rub your eyes. It burns like absolute hell. Stick to cleaning your entire face and work around the eye area. Even with this flaw, I still love the product. I’m just sure not to get it in my eyes! 


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