Five things no one warned me about post childbirth

For the most part, it seems as though most women tend to forget – or they try to forget – some of the WORST parts of pregnancy and the aftermath that ensues. Maybe they truly don’t remember, or they’ve just suppressed those memories so far back in their brains that they can’t bring themselves to volunteer the information, and have to be reminded of some things. After I gave birth to my twins, I was real frank with my girlfriends about the rough times I was having. And you know how they all responded? “Oh yea, I totally forgot about that!” Really?!?!? You couldn’t have thought about this to warn me ahead of time? Well, I love my girlfriends and forgive them. But I won’t let the same happen to you. Here are the five things that are the WORST that people fail to warn you about post childbirth:


Photo Shape Editor: labor pains – All anyone really talks about are the contractions and the pains leading UP TO childbirth. No one warns you about the act of your uterus contracting AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN to go back down in size. Once you realize this happens, it makes sense, seeing as how it took your uterus 40 months to get as big as it did, and goes back to its original size in roughly 10 weeks. BUT, if you’re breastfeeding, your uterus contracts and shrinks much quicker, going back down to original size in just 6 weeks!!! I had twins so my uterus was HUGE and I was a human cow when it came to breastfeeding…. after labor pains were a BITCH.


Photo Shape Editor:

Night sweats – OH MY GOD! No one, I repeat, NOT A SOUL even made mention to me the horrific experience that is night sweats. I woke up my first night from the hospital absolutely drenched and my sheets needing to be changed out immediately. Apparently this is the way your body gets rid of all the excess water and fluids it retained during pregnancy, however, this process takes several weeks. My night sweats were so intense that I had to lay a new towel down over my sheets and pillow every night, and change every piece of clothing the next morning. There was a lot of laundry those short, but long, weeks.


Photo Shape Editor: the stool softener! – I wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital until I was able to take a poo (such a disgusting topic I know, but hey, that’s motherhood for ya). And let me tell you, it is TERRIFYING to think about having to go number two. Your body has just gone through some pretty intense trauma, and it is trying to heal in all sorts of areas and ways. So trust me, take the stool softener, you’ll be glad you did.


Photo Shape Editor:

Delayed stretch marks – Somehow I made it the entire 36 weeks and 6 days of my twin pregnancy without getting a single stretch mark, and I’m only five feet tall! I was SO EXCITED! Then, one morning after having given birth to my little loves, I noticed them. All over my boobs and the faintest hint of them on my stomach were the shiny accessories you DON’T want. WTH?!?!? Yea. So just prepare yourself that even though you think you’re in the clear, you may not be just yet… sorry!! I’m saving up to get my first set of “twins” redone now… so help a girl out and click to buy some things from my affiliate links, haha! But seriously…


Photo Shape Editor: depression is not necessarily depression, and it isn’t always about wanting to harm your child – There’s an entire spectrum of PPD and the experience of it is truly terrifying. And no matter what anyone tells you, it’s not in your hands and you cannot control it. Don’t be embarrassed or feel as though you are a failure as a new mother if you experience such deep emotions that you can hardly function, and your anxiety is so high that you’re engulfed in the fear of something terrible happening. Talk to a girlfriend about it and let your doctor know. Don’t have someone you feel you can talk to? Click up top on the link to contact me. I’ll share with you my experience, and help you find the strength to talk to someone who can truly help you. There’s nothing wrong with needing help to overcome this scary feeling of being so out of control.




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