#NationalLipstickDay : My favorites

Today is National Lipstick Day! And seeing as how I’m obsessed with “puttin’ on my lips” as my mother calls it, I thought it only appropriate to share with you guys my favorite lipsticks right now!

Lipstick faves.jpg

3CE by Stylenanda – Matte, Enchanted

This brand is totally new to me, and probably will be to you all as well! I came across their booth at CosmoProf North America when I was in Vegas earlier this week and oh what fun! Their colors are absolutely insane, and their packaging is all black and just super clean looking. I was lucky enough to get a full-size lipstick for sampling purposes and, although the color is not one I would normally pick out for myself, I AM LOVING IT! Most all of their colors are super vibrant, almost fluorescent in some cases, and the pigmentation is pretty awesome. This is a TRUE matte lip product. It takes a couple of coats and seems a bit tough to apply because of its texture, but after you get it on your lips and let it sit for a minute, it gets really silky smooth! I’m loving it, and can’t wait to go through the entire color selection and buy one or two that will be great for everyday wear!

Clinique – Different Lipstick, Surprise

My tried and true. I have been in love with this color for almost 10 years probably. This color was pretty much my intro into lip color and is what made me fall in love with lipstick. It has a lot of brown in it, which sounds horrible I know, but I LOVE it. I can easily alter the color based on the lip liner I apply before, and the lip gloss I apply after. And the Different Lipstick line from Clinique is so creamy as it’s applied, it almost feels like you’re giving yourself a lip treatment!

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Bite Beauty – Matte Red

This itty bitty was actual a VIB Rouge sample. It’s a fabulous matte red that is super creamy and gives amazing pigmentation. I also recently received a sampling of the three agave lip masks from this brand and I have to say, I’m really impressed! The marketing and story behind this brand seems super cool, so I’m pretty interested in everything they have to offer right now. The scary thing is I’ve found several products on Amazon, however, this brand is exclusive to Sephora, not even selling on their own website. So beware of either used products or knockoffs.

Makeup Forever – Natural N1

This is my uber neutral go-to nude. However, I have to be very honest, this is my SECOND choice, since my original go-to nude was discontinued by Clinique (it was the High Impact line). So I replaced it with this Makeup Forever Rouge Artist color. HOWEVER, it seems I can’t find this color anywhere now, either! So I’m on the hunt for a super nude, more matte lipstick… let me know of any good ones you recommend! FYI, also a Sephora exclusive brand, unless purchased directly from MakeupForever.com.

As you have probably noticed, I love a matte lip! It’s great because you have a choice of whether or not to leave it matte or add a gloss for some shine. It’s all about versatility and double-duty. I’ll be writing a post one of these days to spotlight my most favorite double-duty products, beauty and all other types – so be sure to come back!

What are your favorite lip colors and why? What colors were you in love with that the brand discontinued? I hate it when that happens! What have been your replacements? And seriously, any awesome matte nude colors you think I should check out, let me know what they are!


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