#skincaresunday : Tony Moly sheet mask reviews

So here we are! #skincaresunday ! I finally tried out my entire variety pack of Tony Moly I’m Real sheet masks, and I’m here to report the results!

But first, for those of you unfamiliar with sheet masks: they’re a fun and easy k-beauty trend that has been taking the Western world by storm. First it was BB Creams, and now it’s sheet masks (in my opinion, anyways). Thin and saturated fiber sheets, they provide unrivaled moisture and most of them serve a dual purpose – whether it’s brightening, tightening or what have you.

So, without further ado, here are the (long-awaited) results!

Moisturizing, Aloe – so this mask wasn’t as thick as the Clear Skin one, it feels much more like the other brands I’ve used before. And this one was so saturated that it was dripping from my chin! But, even with the amount of saturation in the mask, I was a little disappointed in the amount of moisture it added to my skin.

Skin Purifying, Seaweed – this also wasn’t as thick as the clear skin mask. It moisturized my face real well and actually did have a cleaner feeling than before. I had also just been invaded by a breakout, so I thought this one might be the next best one on my list for testing. Not sure if it truly HELPED, but it didn’t make things any worse!

Radiance, Tomato – the scent isn’t all too wonderful, but seeing as how I’ve never heard of tomato being an ingredient in a perfume, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by the wondrous hints of tomatoes on the vine. As far as radiance goes, I really didn’t notice a difference.

Vitality, Broccoli – Shockingly enough, this mask actually smelled super clean! I wasn’t expecting that at all, especially since broccoli smells like farts as it’s cooking. It did feel pretty amazing after I wore this mask. Nothing insane to report, just that it’s a sheet mask that provides plenty of moisture and gives you that ultra clean feeling.

Nutrition, Avocado – Gotta be honest, nothing too special about this one. Of course it did a great job moisturizing, much like any other basic sheet mask or moisturizer, but there was nothing special about the scent or the results. Sorry!

Pore Care, Red Wine – I used this mask at the beginning of the day hoping it would help my makeup glide on and look real smooth throughout the day. Although the mask did feel nice on and smelled AMAZING (just like grape juice, so naturally I was very thirsty the whole time I was wearing it!) I didn’t notice a HUGE difference or improvement in my pores. However, I will say, my pores aren’t real big to begin with. I’m sure several uses every so often and you would notice a difference though.

Brightening, Lemon – LOVE LOVE LOVE! I used this mask in the morning as well, thinking it would be a great foundation to my makeup for the day. And boy was I right. I was looking in the mirror at the end of the day thinking how awesome my makeup still looked and my skin was pretty awesome; then remembered I had started my day with the lemon mask. Even though I use some highlighting products with my makeup every day, I had such an awesome glow all day long this particular day, and there was absolutely a difference. I felt pretty dang awesome about myself! I will DEFINITELY be purchasing this one again!

Elasticity, Pomegranate – As you can imagine, this one smelled fabulous. Like, so yummy. Pretty sure I should have waited a few days from having tried the Brightening Lemon mask though, because the glow and vibrancy was just not there the day I used this mask (although I wasn’t expecting it, I still missed how great I looked the day before!). And again, I guess since I’m not really sagging in my face just yet (other areas are different stories), I didn’t have the chance to see much change. Hydration was great though, which is what matters most!

Skin Purifying, Makgeolli – Hands down one of my favorites of the Tony Moly masks! Makgeolli is actually rice wine, and apparently known as the “farmer’s liquor” in Korea. It supposedly has health benefits when consumed, and I have to say that the health benefits aren’t apparent just after consumption. My skin felt amazing; super clean and hydrated. This mask has almost a creamy consistency feel to it, which makes sense after I learned Magkeolli is a rice wine. And it smells unbelievably pure and clean. Definitely a keeper! I’ll be ordering more of this mask!

Skin Soothing, Tea Tree – Well guys, I finally convinced the hubs to take one for the team. Really, to just do something to help his skin out a bit. This was the last Tony Moly mask I had, and since he had just shaved his beard off (he was a trooper and had been growing it for several months) I thought this one might be good for him. The smell is, well, tea tree. According to my husband, “like an old folks’ living community.” Very medicinal. When he took the mask off I asked how he felt, and his response was, “I feel like I got slimed.” This mask was so ridiculously saturated that it was dripping into his eyes and the mask was sliding down his face the entire time. After a few more minutes he also added, “I feel like a smell like an old person.” See? Told you his thoughts on the scent of tea tree!

Overall? I’ll definitely pick and choose the individual Lemon and Makgeolli Tony Moly sheet masks to purchase from here on out, and will avoid the variety pack. Were any of them horrible and not provide sufficient hydration and moisture for the day or night? No. But outside of the Lemon and Makgeolli masks, there was nothing special enough to spend the extra 15-20 minutes of my time when I could just slide on some of my Benton lotion and go on about my business.


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