I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…

Oy vey! (said in my best Jewish voice) Why? I don’t know. It just feels fitting for my mood and what I’m about to tell you.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything to all you lovelies here on One Fabulous Fiasco, and that’s because life has been just incredibly insane! We’ve had baseball and basketball seasons, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, the dark road to the terrible two’s of the twins, and an even BIGGER life change (wait for it…..)

What’s the change, you ask? Well, after a great deal of debating and realizations, we have decided to accept the offer of my husband’s company to pack up and move from the two-season climate (summer and winter) of Georgia, to the temperamental (their words, not mine) climate of The Mitten State – MICHIGAN.

Clearly, this decision was not made lightly or on a whim, seeing as how most people are FROM Michigan and now live elsewhere. It’s not all that often you hear of people having a lifelong dream of living in the cold ass location of the Great Lakes. However, we have been presented this adventure to hopefully better our little family, and one of those means is by the hubster no longer traveling and being awarded the opportunity to be home for dinner (almost) every night. Sure, we’re going to be packing up and moving 12 hours away from our ENTIRE family, incredible lifelong friends, and everything we’ve ever known, but those are small potatoes to the decision of moving away from my stepson. Thankfully, we’re working that all out with the wife of my husband’s past, and we’re hoping that longer periods of quality time with my husband’s mini-me are in our future (fingers crossed, good vibes, prayers, and whatever it is you do, people!).

Remember when I just mentioned we will be moving away from everything we’ve ever known? Well, that’s not exactly true… for my husband. He’s lived in Georgia, Texas and California, on multiple occasions throughout his earlier years. Me? Welp, I’m a born and bred Georgia girl, barely deviating from original zip code throughout SOME of my college years. I think it goes without saying, I’m going to stick out like a sore thumb once I open my mouth and ask a question in my next hometown! And you can bet your ass I won’t be removing “y’all” from my vocabulary anytime soon… or EVER.


I’ve been doing some major Google searches to get a feel for the state and the Detroit area (the rough vicinity we’re going to be calling home soon). And here’s what I’ve found out so far:



“The Mitten State”


They have their own kind of pizza; a marriage of the Chicago and New York styles

Hot dogs! Did I read correctly that the original Coney Island dog is from Michigan? And that each region seems to have THEIR way of eating a hotdog, as far as toppings and sides go?


Snow boots, long coats and any other accessory that covers up and removes any sense of style are the way to go. It’s just too freaking cold to be worried about being too cute every day.


There seems to be an incredible amount of local parks throughout the Detroit area and suburbs. But… how much time do I really have to take the kiddos outside to play before I’ll lose them in the multiple inches of snow that show up??


There are reasons I am NOT excited about the move, but there are also reasons I AM excited about the relocation. Here are a few:

cropped-cropped-fabulousfiasco_2-e1467857196728.pngIt’s going to be COLD! A very different cold than I have ever known. Yikes!

cropped-cropped-fabulousfiasco_2-e1467857196728.pngMy guess is that allergy season doesn’t suck nearly as bad as it does in Georgia. YES!

cropped-cropped-fabulousfiasco_2-e1467857196728.pngI’ve always wanted to buy a pair of snow boots – Sorel’s to be exact – but could never justify the price since I lived in Georgia. Now they’re going to be a staple of my wardrobe!

cropped-cropped-fabulousfiasco_2-e1467857196728.pngCost of living is actually a touch more. BOO!


It’s definitely going to be an interesting adjustment on so many different levels. But I’m up for the adventure and challenge! Hope all you fellow fiascos out there are up for it too, because I plan on documenting each new adjustment and experience here for you all to share in it with me! Which means my blog is about to get pretty crazy! I’m going to be learning how to navigate life without my parents a short drive away; making new friends as an adult (this blows); what new routines and products I’ll need to take into account with the new climate I’ll be subjecting my skin to; and so much more.

Any Michiganders that come across my lovely little blog, please reach out! I would love to get your take on my findings and interpretations of The Mitten State, as well as any well-kept secrets of the state. And to, well, maybe find a friend or two!


2 thoughts on “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…

  1. I grew up in Michigan. On the other side of the state. It’s a great state and I wish you all the best. Georgia’s loss is Michigan’s game. However, you must know that MSU is so much better than the University of Michigan. You were a remarkable, amazing and unforgettable student.


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