Bulk buying with kids and decluttering wishes: I don’t even know where to begin

The pollen in Georgia is OUT OF CONTROL and we just can’t take it anymore. I’m in a fog no matter what kind of antihistamine I try to take, and my son has an inhaler because his allergies are so bad he’s been wheezing. This right here is one of the things I am NOT sad to leave behind when we make the move to Michigan in the next couple of months!

Because we’ve been cooped up inside most of the days lately, we decided to head over to Sam’s Club this morning to stock up on some things. And also because we’ve been cooped up inside and are allergy-stricken, my little people were in full on cranky mode. 

Typically, the kids are great when grocery shopping, but today was not much of my normal routine.

Kennedy wanted nothing to do with me holding onto the cart and pushing it – she kept touching my hands and saying, “No.” And would grab one end of the cart and reach across Wyatt to hold the other end. This of course was not Wyatt’s cup of tea, and the battle began. Arms flying, “no” words being shouted, and one tired mama just truckin’ along.

We finally made it through our Sam’s trip after hitting up the free bagel samples and Wyatt dropping his on the floor; tearing up the little plastic cups that the free bagels came in being proud of their “artwork” and handing it to me saying, “ta-da!”; having to open the bag of cheese sticks to keep them entertained, but only after allowing Wyatt to pick out his own from the bag and not the original one I opened for him; Kennedy constantly pulling one leg up and out of the leg hole of the cart saying, “I want down!”; opening up the Naked Variety Pack Juice Smoothies to make sure dehydration wasn’t the issue and the cause of the bad behavior; and then attempting to sit at the picnic tables and eat some hotdogs, where Kennedy dropped her entire half on the ground, then a portion of Wyatt’s since he refused to even take one bite his.

So yep, a great and successful trip to the store!

The idea of trying out Amazon Fresh is sounding more and more like a great idea…

Anyone who saw my Instagram and Facebook yesterday might wonder why I’m doing everything solo over the weekend – where’s Daddy at in all of these shenanigans? Well, remember that 12 hour move we’re about to make? Welp, it can’t happen until we sell our house, and we can’t even put our house on the market until we finalize a few small projects – just an entire fourth bedroom being finished off and landscaping to be done – like I said, small projects…

We really should have bought stock in Home Depot long before now, considering the amount of money we’ve spent there, and our friends as well (Today Only Special Buy! While Supplies Last!!). I’ve been trying to keep the kiddos occupied so Daddy can get this house in shape.

I don’t know how people with kids prep a house for the real estate market and keep it in pristine condition for viewers to come and (hopefully) fall in love with your home and make an offer. Over the last couple of weeks, this is how I’ve been trying to tackle this issue:

  • I’ve been prepping as if I was prepping to have another baby – big batches of casserole for dinner and taking half of it and sticking it in the freezer. I figure this will be a great way to keep the clean up to a minimum in the kitchen during the time our house is on the market, thus making it easier on me to come and go with two crazy kiddos.
  • We’re purging our closets of clothes, shoes and toys to sell to consignment stores and donate anything they won’t take. I’ve finally decided to pack up and get rid of all of my pencil skirts and corporate attire! If I can sell it all for some money, great! But also, I’m no longer a size two and have zero plans to go back to an office Monday through Friday with dress code requirements, so keeping them for inspiration is an utter waste of time.
  • I’m also trying to go ahead and pack up as much clutter that is sticking with us as I can. I’m stocking up on clear plastic bins for safety in transit and easy to see contents.

For those of you that have been through a move of not just you and a significant other, but kiddos as well: How did you survive? What tips can you give this shamelessly clueless mama?

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