Goodbye Atlanta, Hello Detroit!

Hey y’all (Yes, I still have my southern twang, and have “y’all” and “bless your heart” in my vocabulary) !!! We’ve been in Michigan for a little over a week now, and have definitely been through the ringer with toddler adjustments, heatwaves (I thought I was getting away from 90 degrees and humidity??), and organizing in a new home. I’d say our current status is, “getting there.”

The twins have finally seemed to adjust, although they’re still the average two year olds – sweet some moments, demons the next, as well as running around and getting into everything they can without stopping to take any kind of break. The first five or so nights, it was a rough go. Neither was sleeping through the night, and getting them down for bed at both night and nap was one hell of a time. Wyatt has developed allergies to something up here (or there’s something just now blooming here that we just got through with down in Georgia), so the nose blowing, coughing and just downright moodiness has been nonstop. I’ve been using the Zarbee’s cough medicine to help him out a little bit.

As soon as we planted ourselves in our new home, there was an out of the ordinary heat wave up here in the Mitten State – 90 degrees and nasty humidity! The air conditioner in our home had never really been used since it was installed, and running it full speed ahead like we did caused it to freeze over and not properly cool the house, as well as leak in the basement! We had to get window units from The Home Depot for each of the twins’ rooms because the upstairs was unbearable in the heat. Once those puppies were installed the twins were good to go with the temperature, while we sweated and were miserable for a couple of nights. However, once the ice was removed and the unit was shut off for a little bit to thaw, we were able to cut it back on and all seems to be working fine now! We’ve been told August can be a rough month with the heat, so at least we’ve already worked the kinks out (we hope!).

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The neighborhood is incredible though. We can walk to restaurants and shops, as well as to both a Kroger and a Trader Joe’s, and so much more! Our neighborhood has a little farmer’s market every Saturday morning and this past weekend I strolled the twins up to check it out. It’s definitely small, but all you really need for your produce and other stuff for the week. I even spoke with a company that offers fresh milk deliveries every Tuesday! They offer a wide range of food and beverages as well, and something I just think I might be signing up for. I’ll let ya know how it goes!

Some of the great perks of the area we live in are the parks and libraries. This morning I took the twins to their first-ever library experience for “story time.” They handled it in stride and did their typical sit-and-watch M.O., so it’ll be interesting to see how they react when we go again. For me, it was eh! I’m a good mom, in the sense that I can take care of my kids well and teach them things, but there is no way I could have ever pursued a career in early childhood education or anything similar. I commend the folks that do it and have a passion for it, but clapping, dancing and singing in a room full of babies and toddlers, and other parents pretending to be excited is difficult for me. But then again, maybe the twins get their sit-and-watch M.O. from me, and I’ll warm up to it soon. Either way, it got us out of the house and them around some other kids! As well as into a new part of the neighborhood I hadn’t yet ventured to.

We still aren’t fully unpacked, but are at a point that we’re taking a break. A few boxes are still sitting on the kitchen floor, and the cabinets still aren’t exactly organized in the manner in which I think I want to keep them. We have all hardwoods on the main level, original to the house (built in 1927), so we’re preparing ourselves for the amount of money we’re going to have to spend on rugs! Those suckers are expensive, and we’re going to need quite a few! Over time, room by room, I’ll share our choices in design and hope we can do this little craftsman bungalow some justice!

One of the reasons we made this move, was because of the new position for my husband and him getting to be home for dinner every night. So I think it’s going to be fun to be able to fix a good meal, and know that I won’t be the only one eating it! Here’s what’s been on the menu this week, with links to them because they’re some of my favorites!

cropped-cropped-fabulousfiasco_2-e1467857196728.pngMonday: Nino Salvaggio’s Parmesan Chicken with sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli (random, I know, but the grocery situation is a bit rough as I try to obtain all my staple items again)

cropped-cropped-fabulousfiasco_2-e1467857196728.pngTuesday – leftovers! We ordered so much food for delivery day after day once we got here, that we had so many leftovers. The hubs even had stuff to take for lunch at work.

cropped-cropped-fabulousfiasco_2-e1467857196728.pngWednesday – Ground Turkey and Sweet Potato Skillet meal, with what were supposed to be Broccoli Tater Tots on the side. However, for time’s sake I simply rolled them like little balls and called them Broccoli Bites. A tip for the skillet meal: be sure to use the minimum oil amount! The first time I made this I went overboard with it, and the whole thing was super greasy and didn’t sit well on anyone’s stomachs. I also decided to use an Italian Blend shredded cheese and not just mozzarella, and I must say it was a little tastier. As for the Broccoli Bites, these can be a bit dry. I ended up using two eggs because I was worried about them falling apart. Next time, I’ll add a touch more cheese and chop the broccoli up even finer. 

cropped-cropped-fabulousfiasco_2-e1467857196728.pngThursday – Greek Chicken with a cucumber and tomato salad, and brown rice. I love this marinade and recipe for this chicken, and the twins can eat a bowl of the tzatziki sauce alone!

cropped-cropped-fabulousfiasco_2-e1467857196728.pngFriday – to be determined! I have the ingredients for several other options I’ve found on Pinterest, but maybe we’ll brave it and attempt a family outing. Or maybe not…..

I’ll leave you with a few photos from this past week!

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