Product Review: Doori Cosmetics’ Daeng Gi Meo Ri… say what???

Alright my fellow fiascos! It’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted a product review, and although I have tons of products I want to share with y’all that I’ve been trying out lately, I have to give a major shout out to my new favorite hair products. As you can tell from the name of this post, it’s definitely not a brand that’s well known here in the States, or one that’s even easy (or even possible) to pronounce!

I shared tons of posts and updates on my attendance to CosmoProf North America 2016, but what I didn’t get to post were the truckloads of samples I received  in skincare, makeup and hair care. One brand in particular really gained my attention, but it took me quite some time to test out the product for myself.

You see, being a licensed cosmetologist and a lover of my professional products such as Redken, Tigi and more, I have to be really desperate or incredibly intrigued to try something from a company I know very little about. In comes the Ki Gold Premium products from Daeng Gi Meo Ri ( from Doori Cosmetics? I can’t lie, I’m a little confused as to if Doori is the distributor, manufacturer, or overall owner), a Korean cosmetics company with a focus on herbal scalp treatment.

Side note: here’s a YAHOO! News article on the brand and a little background:

Anyhow, I finally decided to test out the deluxe samples I received from their booth at CosmoProf during my three weeks of being homeless. And by homeless, I mean by children and me staying with my parents while my husband traveled from the day we closed on our house in Georgia until we closed on our house in Michigan. Because we had all of our belongings packed and in a moving truck for those weeks, I had to pack as lightly as possible so that our drive wouldn’t be too stressful with tons of clutter after packing my husband and myself, our twins, and our two cats, to make the 12 hour trek to the Mitten State from the A. The situation posed perfectly as my chance to test out the shampoo and treatment.

Now, I’m not really sure what the “treatment” technically is, but I use it just as a conditioner. Both the shampoo and treatment are incredibly thick, and at first use you wonder just how it can actually lather and rinse out well, and not leave your hair greasy. It also has a very different smell than what I’m used to; this comes from how many herbal ingredients there are in each product. The scent isn’t necessarily a BAD one, just different. After my first use I couldn’t help but think of my grandmother and great grandmother (I know, not exactly who we want to smell like), but I don’t mean this in a bad way. I had my mom smell my hair and ask her opinion, and she said it reminded her of her mom as well, and an old-school shampoo she always used  called Breck.

For some fun research on vintage cosmetics and hair care, do a quick search for the Breck Girls advertising campaign!

Here’s a some history from the National Museum of American History, and here’s where they actually sell it on Amazon!

As soon as I finished showering and before I even asked my mom for her opinion on the scent, I could already tell I liked the products. My scalp and hair both felt super clean, and not heavy. I didn’t even put any treatment in my hair, but just let it air dry, so as to get a real feel for this shampoo and treatment. I wasn’t disappointed one bit, and in fact, decided that after I finished up the entire sample bottles that I was going to purchase the full-size products. And that I did!

Daeng Gi Meo Ri - Ki Gold Premium


  • Super clean feeling
  • Treatment/conditioner doesn’t make my hair feel heavy
  • Seemed as though I was able to keep from getting a greasy scalp as as quickly as I normally do with other shampoos, which means this mama was able to go an extra day before having to shampoo her hair again! Score!

Cons (sort of):

  • Unusual scent; although I don’t find it bad, others might not be a fan

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