Out and About: Detroit’s Sister Pie

Well hey y’all! Good to see you here at the blog 🙂 Things have been insane in my life (per the usual), and I just wrapped up a visit from my mom where we made as best use of our time as possible, and kept these twins on their toes! We visited what is possibly one of the cutest concepts and quaint food spaces, and with its unique food offerings in an eclectic space, I knew immediately that I would have to tell you about Sister Pie!

Sister PieI have to admit that my mom is pretty impressive at finding places to visit anywhere she travels. She’s an avid magazine reader, and keeps up to speed with all publications that belong in the same category as Country Living, Sift and HGTV. So when she came up this past week, she came with an agenda: to go checkout the goodies in a pie shop that was located hidden in a little pocket of Detroit known as the West Village.

But let me be honest, and quite possibly upset you, when I say that I told her we would see about it once I researched where it was located and what kind of areas I would have to drive through with my two young children in order to go and take a chance on a $30 pie made with local and seasonal ingredients. Detroit is spotty, and you have to be careful just throwing in an address into your Apple or Google Map apps. But once I mapped it out and knew exactly where I was going so as not to get lost, I was so glad I did.

Sister Pie is an adorable, corner space bakery that specializes in, you guessed it, PIES. But that’s not all they have. We indulged in egg-on-top galettes with sweet potato, and the twins devoured a sweet corn muffin and blackberry muffin, both filled with cream cheese. Once that was all gone, we filled a little brown to-go box of goodies to enjoy later on.

The atmosphere is neat in this place, filled with an array of dining chairs around a wooden communal table, with succulents planted in teacups throughout the entire shop and in the windows. At the head of the table stands an old and simple black wooden china cabinet that houses all sorts of cookbooks, including Julia Childs’ Mastering The Art of French Cooking, and a wide assortment of mugs to choose from when you order a coffee and don’t care to use a Sister Pie-branded take-out cup.

It’s incredible to me how many employees there were in the open kitchen space; five or six on a weekday around 10am. However, the place did stay busy, and my assumption is that there a lot of orders called in for meetings or events in the Detroit area. Either way, my experience in most bakeries has only been up to two employees at a given time in a retail space.

After we finished eating and were able to wrangle the twins up after they finished and started climbing the decorative ladder in the front window, I did the safe thing and ran to the bathroom before heading out. And I am so glad I did!! Not just because I had to empty my bladder so bad, but because of how cute even this space was, only to turn around and see a giant poster of Hanson on the wall. Yep, that moment is when I knew the owner of Sister Pie and I had something for sure in common, other than loving a cute little space to be creative in our own works.

I checked the website, and no delivery is offered. So if you want to try out some good baked goodies with unique flavors and ingredients, you’re going to have to take a little trek to Kercheval Street in the West Village 🙂 But if you’re local to the area and want to learn how to make a delicious pie, pie classes are offered! Could be a fun outing one day!


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