Seven Essentials: Go from complete drab to at least half-fab!

With twins, the time needed to step out in public looking like a Kourtney Kardashian or Instagram influencer requires a lot more than the average mom has to give. And although I don’t always look awesome (rarely, actually, do I look awesome), but I do try to make myself look better than if I just rolled out of bed without looking in the mirror, without the same type of budget and plethora of nannies that others with larger pockets have.

I hate having to wash my hair everyday because it just takes too much time, both the shower and the hair styling; I’ve invested in a Where’s Waldo type of search for beauty products that help to spruce my face up in a hot minute; and I try to stock my wardrobe with essentials that help me look put together in a not-so-boring-mom kind of way.

And let’s be honest, even though us moms that lack the champagne budget and land more in the shelf space of a PBR, we will always feel better with just a few simple things. And feeling better means walking a little bit taller and feeling just a touch fancier, increasing our confidence in ourselves that then floods into our ability to encourage that confidence in our children.

Here are my seven essentials for going from a complete drab to at least half-fab!

Dry shampoo. I mean, come on, who hasn’t at least heard of this stuff? It is seriously my saving grace most days. Although a cult follower of the Tigi Rockaholic Dry Shampoo, I’m always on the hunt for a new brand to try. Hit me with any recommendation you may have!

A solid “face-base.” See my earlier post with my favorite products!

Mascara. Even swiping on a thin layer to make your lashes more visible helps to wake up your look! Have the issue of said mascara ended up under your eyes, instead of on your lashes? I have two recommendations for you:

Benefit Yes They’re Real orClinique Lash Power. Since Clinique came out with the Lash Power line, I have finished every bride I have done makeup for with this product. For a real pop of your lashes? Use the Benefit mascara first, and then a single coating of the Clinique. Causes for a strong makeup remover at the end of the day, but means for incredible lashes that last all day.

Benefit Cosmetics LLC

A solid pair of skinny jeans. Old Navy Womens High-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans For Women Angel Island Size 20I’ve found it essential to have several go-to pairs of pants, and in my case jeans, so that each morning isn’t inundated with trying to find prebaby jeans or niche style subjective pants that feel good that day. And Old Navy has hit the spot with their High-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans and the fit it provides. I have a light blue, dark blue, and black pair. I actually even have a mint color! This pretty much covers all my bases for any color or shade top I have in my closet or decide to purchase, as well as any type of shoe I feel like wearing each day.

A single, thin-chained necklace. To differ from the look of heading out to a date-night dinner or Sunday Brunch, you may want to steer clear from the statement necklaces with their thick layers and bold materials. A simple, single necklace that can be hooked around your neck for a soft addition to your neckline is all that’s needed to get you from carpool and play dates to the grocery store and back. Granted, of course, you no longer have little bitty ones that may grab ahold and not let go! I love something perfectly simple, such as this Old Navy Womens Pav� Pendant Charm Necklace

A go-to scent. I’m lucky to have been able to have worked in a fragrance department and really honed in on my personal favorite notes in a fragrance pretty early on, and with my incredible sense of smell, it’s always on my mind whether I smell like B.O. from chasing my kids around and well, my love-hate relationship with washing my hair. Dry shampoo covers the hair issue, where a staple scent adds a touch of confidence to an overall aura! And let me tell you about some of the most incredible products for Fall at Bath and Body Works!B&BWThey have a new Argan line with three signature scents teamed up with that of Argan – Birch, Chestnut and Amber. I recently participated in the Buy 3 Get 3 event and brought home the second two scents, along with some others… and my husband is obsessed and so am I! Incredible moisturizers with enticing scents also make it much easier on us moms than having to remember perfumes, or just handling two products in general! Out of the shower or bath, or even first thing in the morning, you lather on a layer of some smell good and you’re good to go!

Last but not least, a signature lip. I save this as last because, well, it’s my favorite and best tip. Whether it’s full on lip liner and lipstick or as simple as a lip gloss, having something on your kissers helps bestow a look and feel of being put together. I personally have fallen in love (okay, maybe I’m a little obsessed) with the Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint! This stuff is magical in the pigmentation it provides, and the hours of long-lasting wear you get. My fave color of the moment is OG. For the days I don’t feel like a matte lip is best, I use one of several colors of Buxom’s Full-On Lip Polish. Incredible shine with lip plumping! If you’ve never used a lip plumper, prepare yourself! This crazy tingling feeling happens for the first several minutes of wear after application, and locking lips with anyone will transfer that feeling! Totally worth it though!

Do I partake in every single essential on a daily basis? Um, hell no. But on the days I do, I can’t help but feel better, look better, and pick up on that look in my husband’s eyes when he gets home from work! And the more you do at least one or two a day, the more routine it will become.


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