Our Favorite Children’s Books!

Little ones are incredible to watch. Especially as they reach the stage where they can actually sit and try to pay attention to books. It starts off with picture books, to single or double words on each page that include animal sounds or a description of how it’s fur feels, and on to full blown stories. My Little’s have been obsessed with books since the very beginning, and that has grown into a true love of “reading.”

As with anyone and everyone, my kiddos have some favorites they prefer, often “reading” the pages by repeating the lines they’ve heard over and over. It’s the sweetest thing ever! But we have probably HUNDREDS of books between the two of them, and we’ve run the gamut in finding those favorites. So to help you find the next books for your littles, I thought I’d share with y’all the ones that have grabbed the twins’ attention the best!

Little Blue Truck
Hands down my son’s absolute most favorite books. This entire series is so fun to read, and I don’t just mean for the kids. I dare you not to try to make it sound like a rap song as you read it though; the rhythm and rhyming in this book are impeccable and both my husband and I can’t help but laugh because of our attempt at a rap career each time we read one of these books to the kids. A few of the other books in the series we have are:

My Friend Harry
This is one of the sweetest books I’ve read to my littles! And to watch them sit by themselves and flip through the pages while saying, “My friend Harry” is absolutely adorable. My daughter gets excited and loves to find Harry on each of the pages he’s illustrated! I can’t help but wonder if they somewhat understand the love James has for his elephant fur friend Harry, since each of my kids has a stuffed animal they prefer over all of the others we have.

Charlie Plays Ball
There are several Charlie books, but this is the only one we’ve read so far. My mother bought this for my kids while we were on vacation and read it to them over and over, and they absolutely loved it! Now, it could have been how my mom reads (incredibly animated and with no shame whilst in character), but they also loved making snoring and sleep sounds each time Charlie went to take a nap. They randomly make these sounds now with big smiles on their faces! And I love The Pioneer Woman on HGTV and all of her recipes, so the fact that she can create an adorable children’s book is an even bigger score in my book for Ree Drummond! Some of the other Charlie books are:

I Love You Stinky Face
This is the first book where the twins started repeating lines from a book. I would find them with this in their lap, flipping pages while saying, “Mama! Mama!” And the illustrations I think are super cute, drawing them into the book even more.


Anything Dr. Suess
I guess it’s the quirky stories and illustrations, but it doesn’t matter which Dr. Seuss book it is, but the twins love it and can’t take their eyes away when we’re reading one of these many stories.

What are some of your children’s favorite stories to read? Got any good suggestions for all sorts of ages? Mommas are always looking for ideas and things their kids are going to love, so feel free to share in the comments what your littles like to read!

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  1. Thanks for the honorable mention! Love reading to all my grandbabies and I loved reading to you and Patrick too. Don’t forget about “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein.

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