Recipe: Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon Soup

I love Fall and everything it brings – sweaters and boots; cooler weather and leaves changing colors; pumpkins and other gourds, and all of the delicious recipes from these and other seasonal fruits and veggies!

Earlier this week I posted a photo of my son helping me with the beginning prep of one of my absolute favorite fall recipes: A roasted butternut squash soup… that has bacon blended right into it! And since my husband is one of the majority that believes everything is better with bacon (it’s true, I once gave him bacon flavored popcorn with his own popcorn bowl and a bacon cookbook as a birthday gift one year, and not as a gag gift) it’s one of very few butternut squash recipes he’ll actually eat.

Beginning stages of Roasted Butternut Squash soup…. and guess what?? It includes bacon!! 🤗😋 My kids love to “help” mommy, so roughly chopped, roasted veggies are a great way to let them participate! I do the chopping, and they transfer to a baking sheet 🙂 How do you engage your kids when they want to help with things that they’re not really fully able to yet? #motherhood #cooking #cookingwithmommy #cookingwithkids #toddler #butternutsquash #bacon #whatsfordinner #homecooking #homemade #onefabulousfiasco

Fun fact: did you know that butternut squash is technically a fruit? Mind = blown!

Anyhow, I had so many people comment on my IG and Facebook accounts, as well as text me, asking for the recipe that I figured I would share it with y’all!

And guess what? This was totally a Pinterest WIN! I found this recipe via Damn Delicious while searching butternut squash recipes and man is it good!

Before I provide you the link, let me give you a few tips:

  • To peel the butternut squash, save yourself some muscle and frustration and prep it for easier peeling:
    • Cut off the ends
    • Pierce with a fork all over
    • Place in the microwave for 3-5 minutes (depending on size)
    • Let it cool for just a few minutes and VOILA! Much easier peeling!
  • For the onion, I use a yellow onion.
  • Homemade bacon bits are the ONLY way to do this! I’ve always made my own and not used that fake stuff from the grocery aisle, so be sure you make them fresh for yourself.
  • When it’s time to blend, you have two options: use the immersion blender (I have BELLA Hand Immersion Blender with Whisk Attachment, 250 Watt RED 14460” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>this one by BELLA and it works well) in the pot directly on the stove, or transfer the roasted ingredients directly to a blender and add the stock here. One blended, transfer to a lot and continue to cook for the remaining time.
    • If using a regular blender: be sure to blend the ingredients a little bit at a time. It’ll be too thick and too hot to do it all at once! When we registered for our wedding we got the Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Ninja Blender and it’s nothing short of amazing.
  • Serve your finished soup with a nice and warm crusty bread! It’s so delicious to soak up this yummy stuff with something a little extra!

So without further ado, click below for the recipe from Damn Delicious!

Photo from Damn Delicious

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