Fall Weather Equals Soups Galore

Okay, so with it now being officially Fall (and quickly creeping into Winter here in Michigan), I am all into soups! It’s just that time of year that it feels so good to devour large spoonfuls of yummy, warm goodness and dip a warm piece of bread in to sop up the remains. As an homage to this wonderful season and all that it brings, I thought I’d share with you some of my most favorite soup recipes from the food bloggers I regularly follow!

Now, I almost ALWAYS make some tweaks to any recipe I find; it’s something I just can’t help. If I’m determined for a certain consistency or if something doesn’t call for onion powder, I almost always figure out how to obtain what I’m going for based on the information from each meal I choose. You’ll see some of my quick notes with each recipe link below. As well, most of these are crockpot recipes, but can easily be done in a pot on the stove if you prefer. I love the crock pot, don’t get me wrong, but some recipes just taste better done on the stove in a large pot!

So without further ado, here are my favorite soups to whip up year after year!Slow-Cooker-Creamy-Tortellini-Soup-Spinach-29

Creamy Tortellini Soup

My thoughts: I’m not exactly sure what a brown onion is (maybe it’s an Australian thing only), but I use a regular yellow onion.

roasted butternut squash bacon soup.jpg

Tip: I wrote an entire blog post on this recipe, with some of my favorite tips and suggestions to go along with it! 


What I prefer: Instead of a regular can of boring brown pinto beans, I opt for a can of red kidney beans. These seem to have a better flavor and look much prettier in the soup to me.

Loaded Potato Soup 

(sorry, no fancy photo for this one!)

Tip: Use diced hash browns instead of shredded; and be sure to make homemade bacon bits to crumble on top… So much better! Also, instead of using the regular version of Cream of Chicken, grab the Heart Healthy version, it lowers the sodium level a great deal, as well as for the broth. ALWAYS check for lower sodium versions!

I also am obsessed with my Broccoli & Cheese Soup, and mine and my husband’s recipe for Chili! There’s no blog post for these, since they’re our very own 🙂 So be sure to check back often for those recipes to be posted!

What are some of your favorite soup recipes? Favorite food bloggers? Be sure to leave some love in the comments!

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