Current Beauty Products and Life Changing Announcements!

This has to have been my longest stint of silence since I started this blog! It’s has been an incredibly crazy and hectic few months; way more so than normal. We’ve had so many changes and events taking place that I’ve had to take a step back and gather some moments of just quiet, simple, ME time (although with children we all know just how difficult that can be to achieve).

Hence why I went on quite the hiatus lately from One Fabulous Fiasco…Life has thrown some curveballs at us, as well as we’ve added some struggles and home projects to our already full plate of universal interjections – a self-inflicted stressor, I know.

Our list of events goes something like this:

  • I’m in my second trimester of pregnancy! Although we weren’t exactly planning on adding to our already good-sized family, we are thrilled to know that the high risk of having multiples again was bypassed! We’re only having one baby this go round!
  • Due to the incredible cost of flying a family of four from Detroit to Atlanta for Thanksgiving, we decided to make the 12 hour drive. We also decided to add on flying my now 10 year old stepson up here to spend a week with us, to then ride back down. While my stepson stayed down south, the hubs and I still had to make the 12 hour trek yet again with the twins. It will be quite a while before we attempt this again!
  • Over the holidays, while the kids were out of the house, we decided to take advantage of said empty house and have the entire interior painted – every wall in every room, as well as the kitchen cabinets! Although it’s worth every penny, it was not cheap and we had to choose the paint colors remotely from Atlanta. Thank goodness all of the colors turned out beautifully, and I’m also getting our new hardware for the kitchen cabinets at the end of the month! I can’t wait!
  • One of our cats ended up with his second UTI, and crystals in his bladder, that then traveled and blocked his poor little self from being able to simply go number one. He was so pitiful and sick, and after four days at the vet and a hefty vet bill later, he’s finally home! Now we struggle with antibiotics and other meds, as well as a prescription food to prevent his issues from arising again. If anyone has any tips of getting two cats to eat two separate kinds of food, by all means, leave me some comments at the end of this post! I beg of you!

Throughout each of these life events, my first trimester of this pregnancy was difficult. I was almost as nauseous and drained as I was with the twins, but didn’t have the luxury of laying around like I did my first go round. These little beings still needed meals, snacks, diaper changes, baths, to get to school, laundry to be done, as well as several doctor visits for my little man due to a “bulging” ear infection. I had to hunker down to handle just the basics and basically become a hermit just to get through it, but thankfully those days are now behind me! And now that I’m finally in the so-called blissful stage of pregnancy, I’m trying to stay busy and get as much done as I can around the house and planning for the newest little one expected in June of 2018!

 No matter what though, true to my style, I’ve also continued my routine of tried and true beauty products, as well as tried some new ones! Now that I’m busier than ever, and knowing that I’m going to become even busier as we introduce a new baby, I’m more determined than before to find beauty products that work to make my skin as healthy as possible, to eliminate the daily need of a full face of makeup. Healthy skin allows for more freedom, and provides more confidence, in my opinion.

Check out below what products I’ve been into lately!

G9 White in Milk Whipping FoamG9 Skin White in Milk Whipping Foam, Amazon

It takes a lot for me to deviate from my tried and true facial cleanser from Philosophy, Purity Made Simple, but this product from G9 Skin, a Korean beauty brand, has me absolutely hooked and I’m finding myself reaching for this tube of creamy and light cleanser over my normal stuff more and more! My skin feels incredibly clean after using it, and I’m noticing an improvement as well. This brand, G9 Skin, is formulated with nine ingredients to help nourish the skin, as well as leaves out any parabens and henoxyethanol. The only downfall is the scent; it’s not exactly that of relaxation and luxury. But hey, I can deal with a less than stellar smell if it means healthier skin!

Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud MaskPure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask, Amazon

I LOVE a good mask, and this one feels amazing. The other week I put on a layer to wear around the house while I did some cleaning and the kids played, and it totally shocked them! They were mesmerized that Mommy’s face was covered in a creamy charcoal colored layer. I asked my daughter what she thought about Mommy’s face and she looked at me, giggled, and said, “funny!” Now every time I do a clay mask or sheet mask, she tells me I’m funny again. Masks made from the mud of the dead sea are said to be ultra rich in nutrients that help to improve elasticity and improve pores, wrinkles and other fine lines. Another alleged benefit? Cellulite reduction. I have yet to have the opportunity to slap a layer on my thighs and cheeks (and I don’t mean on my face) so I can’t exactly report any accuracy to this claim, but one day I hope to find out!

Elizavecca Hell Pore ControlElizavecca Hell Pore Control, Amazon

Hyaluronic acid has been the “it” ingredient for quite some time now. And Elizavecca is one of the hundreds of “it” K-beauty brands available. This ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is an incredible water source for your skin, as well as is meant to be an incredible retainer of collagen to aid in fighting against wrinkles and fine lines. What I think is cool about it? Is even though it sounds like some horrible and potentially damaging chemical created in a lab somewhere, it’s actually a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. I use this specific serum twice a day and can’t stop using it, because it makes such a difference! My skin is actually hydrated well enough for these Michigan winters and helps keep breakouts at bay.

LilyAna Naturals Eye CreamLilyAna Naturals Rosehip & Hibiscus Eye Cream, Amazon

Eye cream is another one of those products I struggle to find anything I love outside of my regular (<a href=”http://Clinique All About Eyes, Size 1 oz” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Clinique All About Eyes). LilyAna Naturals is an all natural beauty brand that uses zero parabens, artificial anything, fragrance or do any testing on animals. They also seem to have great customer service (they’ve been great about emailing and asking how the product is, and actually responding when I provided them my feedback). As far as the performance of this, I would definitely say this is a perfectly acceptable moisturizer for the eye area and maybe for prevention. But as pregnancy lingers and more and more sleepless nights are arising, I’m definitely going to need to look for something more in the department of combating dark circles.

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