Beauty & Confidence Tips for When Motherhood Has Taken Over

Motherhood takes a toll on you, and not just in one way. Yes, the pregnancy can (and in some way always does) wreak havoc on your body, but there’s so much more that goes on than just your tummy not being quite the same or dealing with a bladder that has been shoved aside for nine months and can’t always be controlled. Motherhood weighs on you physically, emotionally, mentally and in any other facet you can think of. For a select few, getting your groove back and feeling just as sexy as before having a baby is not really much of a struggle. But it’s insanely more common to stay pretty down in the dumps and have incredible insecurities for quite some time after giving birth.

It’s no secret that I suffered from PPD. It was depressing, lonely, difficult, embarrassing (at first) and every other negative adjective you can think of. Although I’ve been blessed enough to no longer need medication to make it through the day, I do still need to take the time to do even the littlest of things for myself in order to try and keep myself from getting in a rut.

Now, I’m not sitting here saying I don’t EVER get in a rut anymore, because come on, I’m a mom to two toddlers, with another baby on the way! It’s freaking hard and wears on you like crazy! However, I try to recognize that I HAVE to take some time for ME, and schedule in anything I can to help boost my self confidence.

Here are some of the ways I like to try and feel sexy, confident, or at least just a tad better about myself these days:

A hot bath during nap time! Yes, I know there’s laundry to be done, dishes to be washed and dinner to be prepped, along with a million other things, but at least once a week during nap time make it a point to pamper yourself while your little ones sleep. Get a bath bomb and toss it in the tub and make yourself feel better by smelling incredibly good for the rest of the day, as well as invoke a little bit more confidence in yourself when your spouse walks through the door after work 😉 I personally LOVE everything from LUSH, but you can find great assortments of bath bombs and other pick-me-up bath items all over Amazon.

Masks. Whether they be clay, peel-off or sheet masks, you can do these while you play with your littles! I mentioned how my daughter now thinks it’s hilarious when I put on a charcoal mask and then hang out with them. By taking care of your skin and feeling better with a naked face, your confidence builds because you aren’t always worried about having to wear so much makeup, if any at all (and in the long run this helps with your cash flow!). I shared with you one of my favorite masks right now in my previous post, Current Beauty Products and Life Changing Announcements! And below are some examples of other types of masks I really enjoy:

  Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask  Berrisom Animal Mask Series

Constantly drink water, with lemon! After the twins were born I used that big plastic hospital mug for at least a year for drinking water ALL DAY LONG. That thing eventually wore out and had to be thrown away. I now use this massive RTIC 30 oz tumbler and keep the water coming. I recently decided to add some lemon to each glass I pour, and it really does make a difference! Lemon h2o provides benefits such as vitamin C to help with immunity, as well as aids in digestion and detoxing for your body, which then leads to decrease in bloating. Dr. Axe has a great article about all the benefits of drinking lemon water!

Stretch! This does my body wonders, as well as my mind. You don’t have to go and attempt be a full on yogi to have a chance to reap any benefits of stretching, either. While your kids are playing, watching tv, napping, what have you, stretch instead of sitting around and falling prey to a mental state of sedentary! You can even attempt to get your kids to participate in the activity. If you happen to be up for attempting yoga at home, I prefer the Rodney Yee videos, with his Power Yoga – Total Body being my absolutely favorite. Each video I’ve ever done of his has been a great workout and left me feeling incredible.

Hair styledShower and fix your hair! Now, I know this one is probably the most difficult of all. But for me, if I’m able to sneak in a shower and really fix my hair, and I don’t mean just letting it air dry and maybe throwing a flatiron over it, I mean the works. If I put good product in my hair before blow drying, then truly style it, my hair is good for a couple of days (with the help of dry shampoo and some creative bobby pin or ponytail placement). But more so than having the style last, you get an afternoon to feel better because you look better. I try to do a shower and style during nap, or I put gates up and shower upstairs where my kids are in their playroom so I can listen out and still interact with them.


So, what are you waiting for? Choose one of these simple things to do today and help yourself feel a bit more energized, happy and just plain good about yourself!




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