2018 New Year’s Resolutions: Setting and Achieving Your Goals

As we near the 12 o’clock hour today of yet another year gone by, how do you feel 2017 has been? Have you sat back to reflect on everything that’s happened? What about your goals? Did you make any resolutions for 2017 that you stuck to all year long and were any goals achieved? Several years back I gave up on these, since it seemed I could never even remember what my goals were, let alone stick to the resolutions I made for the year.

It’s so easy to come up with a New Year’s resolution, but following through with it is another thing. We all know the most popular resolutions revolve around health and weight, but what about your mental health? What about your maternal health? And what about the health of your relationship with your significant other? And what about committing to any resolution and following through with it as the next year passes by?

I feel as though most people only concentrate on vague resolutions that can’t truly be measured. “I’m going to get healthier,” “I’m going to join a gym and get active,” “I’m going to work on my relationships,” or “I’ll find a better job this year.” But how about making goals and resolutions that can be measured with actual results? The aforementioned are good, but HOW are you going to get healthier and to what degree? If you’re going to join a gym and get active, HOW are you going to do so and how often? If a new or better job is what your planned resolution is, what qualities are you going to look for in a new position? What is the measurable goal you want to work towards?

As moms, I’m sure many of us will want to be a better mom, but how? Do we want to try and be more patient with our kids? Do we want to take more disciplinary action? What qualities and determinable actions do you really feel need to be worked on and assessed? Maybe you want to yell a little less, spend more quality time with your kids or maybe even practice a little distance to give your children some independence. Whatever your intended resolution be, make sure you fully understand your wished for end goal so that you can then determine how to measure your results and understand how to get there.

Here’s a little visual to help you narrow down these goals that are brewing in your head:


And alas…..


mint-1-e1514747726115.jpgCreate a Vision and Mood Board. I have always loved his idea, and have just never followed through with creating one of my own. Being a person who resonates more on the creative side of things, it’s crazy that I haven’t created this kind of visual for myself to more clearly set my vision for my life and for my family. This year, and very early on, I intend to finally begin the process of creating my dreams and aspirations all in a clear visual format to continuously see and remember!


mint-2-e1514747795448.jpgDeclutter and store the tchotchkes and antiques that I’ve acquired over the years. It’s seriously insane how much I have for my age. But with all of my grandparents having passed already and both sides of my family appreciative of old things and antiques, I’ve acquired so much that I also became emotionally attached to. Yet, now it seems as though these things have taken over and are not allowing me to design my home in a way I truly love and feel comfortable about and in. It’s time to pack these collectibles carefully and store them safely or get rid of them altogether!


Mint 3Cook less casseroles! In the last year or so I’ve gotten really creative with my casserole dishes and putting a healthier spin on them than their traditional versions, however, it seems that I’ve fallen prey to a monotonous few that I make over and over again. And even though the versions I make are made with Greek yogurt instead of sour cream; lower sodium versions of condensed soups; and brown or other grained rice than white, it’s still not the healthiest of ways to feed my family and myself. This year it’s time to get back to main courses and true side dishes and start experimenting! My resolution? Stick to only one or two casseroles a week for family dinner.



Stick to achieving said goals from above.

Does this one even need an explanation?



Of course, these four resolutions aren’t the only things I hope to achieve in 2018. These are foreshadowing into other goals I have in mind, and have yet to fully complete in my own process. As the year goes on, we’ll see what all happens!

What are your New Year’s resolution(s) this year? Share them with me and your fellow fiascos in the comments section below!


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