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I’ve been using a few products from a new brand I recently came across and am quite impressed with. I started on a search for not just a basic face moisturizer, but one with some major benefits seeing as how I’m now heading into my mid-thirties, am about to have my third kid and the stressors, age and everything else of these and life, in general, are starting to make an appearance in my facial features. After some searching, I came across a brand called IT Cosmetics, that has been developed with plastic surgeons and dermatologists by Jamie Kern Lima, who apparently is a former pageant girl, journalist and reporter, as well as contestant on the very first season of Big Brother. However, once I learned the tidbit about each of the products in this brand having been developed very strategically with plastic surgeons, I was intrigued, with its inception giving it a bit of an edge over other brands in my opinion (and “IT” actually stands for innovative technology). Im not one to judge anyone for any plastic surgery and have no problem with it if the funds are there and it’s going to make you feel much better about yourself. But, if there are any products out there that can help alleviate any self-confidence issues without having to go up against a scalpel, I’m all for it before taking the surgical plunge!

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I’ve tried out two facial moisturizers, an eye cream, a makeup removing cleanser and a cleansing serum. Below are the product names and the results I’ve come to find after several weeks of use!

Bye Bye Makeup 3-in-1 Makeup Melting Balm

it-cosmetics-byebyemakeup_main.jpgSuper creamy and clean feeling, this makeup melting balm seems to do the job just fine. However, the instructions are a bit misleading… it makes it sound as though this one product some removes all makeup, cleanses the face entirely, and provides long-lasting moisture. It removes basic, daily makeup, but I wouldn’t rely solely on it for night out or special event makeup, and I didn’t feel fully cleansed without using another cleanser afterward, as well as it definitely didn’t provide my skin enough moisture to keep it from experiencing that tighter feeling after use when you fail to apply a moisture.

Confidence in a Cleanserit-cosmetics-confidence-cleanser-2000x2000

When I first started using this cleanser, I wasn’t sure about it. However, it actually is great at what the product name states – cleansing. Just be sure to use a makeup remover before cleansing your face, as this product doesn’t provide any makeup removing benefits, in my opinion.

Confidence in a Cream

it-cosmetics-confidence-in-a-cream-2000x2000.jpgTalk about a great product that packs plenty of moisture, this facial cream from IT Cosmetics has become a favorite! I get really dry in the winter, and this was able to help me combat the harsh winter that Michigan threw at my Southern skin. As the weather is warming up, I am finding myself using this more often in the evenings and not during the day, as it provides too much for my skin when it isn’t completely dried out by the winter months. So this will be more of a night cream for me during the summer.

Secret Sauce

it-cosmetics-secret-sauce-2000x2000.jpgAlthough it feels amazing and you can definitely see the glow immediately upon application, there’s some ingredient in here that doesn’t like my skin. I’m super sensitive to random things and my skin reacts by breaking out in painful, cyst-like acne, and something in this product does just that to me. I was so bummed because I REALLY wanted to be able to use this product! Thankfully I was able to snag a sample of this in my order from the IT Cosmetics website, so no harm no foul to my bank account! For anyone who doesn’t have some weird allergies (that unfortunately I haven’t exactly pinpointed yet) this does seem like a great product for brightening, fine lines and wrinkles and good moisturizing!

Bye Bye Under Eye

it-cosmetics-bye-bye-under-eye-eye-cream-2000x2000I’m OBSESSED with this eye cream now! From the first time I used it, I was hooked. You may recall in a previous post where I reviewed an eye moisturizer that did just and only that, moisturized, but I knew that it wasn’t enough for my mid-thirties with several children dark circles! But this eye cream from IT Cosmetics is one I can definitely see myself purchasing again and again. It moisturizes, brightens and smooths all in one, healing to fight bags, dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles. And it’s one of those amazing products that you notice the difference upon immediate application. I even asked my husband, one of the biggest skeptics out there for almost everything, and even he was shocked at being able to see how my under eyes were immediately brightened and softer looking.

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