Friday Favorites – New Baby Must-Haves!

Earlier this week I posted on my Instagram about my husband’s office throwing me a baby shower. It was one of the nicest things anyone could have done not just for me, but for us as a family, right now. This pregnancy was unexpected, and although we already have three-year-old twins and had TONS of baby supplies with them, we have since moved twice and gotten rid of just about everything since we had kind of nixed the idea of having any more children. Well, considering God had different plans for us, we’ve had to start stocking up on the things needed for a newborn!

The great thing this time is that I know exactly what I NEED and the things that are just “wants.” Also, we only need ONE of everything instead of TWO! Whew!! But still, the idea of having to purchase all the big items, as well as diapers, again had been really daunting. But thanks to the sweet ladies that work with the hubs, a lot of that stress has been relieved! And it prompted me to share with y’all my top newborn items for this week’s #FridayFavorites ! The first year can be rough, but with the right items you can make it just a little bit easier!

Check out my must-haves for new baby below! They’re in no particular order because they’re all on a level playing field in my mind as true needs!

And, as always, this post contains affiliate links (in short, if you click on the links and buy anything, I may or may not receive a commission for it).

Burts Bee’s Burp ClothsBurt's Bee's Burp Cloths

I LOVE these! I tried several brands, as well as some homemade ones from a friend with the twins, and hands down the Burt’s Bee’s Burp Cloths are the only ones I’ll use with the new baby. These are hands down the softest cloths we used, as well as a perfect size to cover your entire shoulder when burping or just holding a baby over your shoulder (because I mean, spit up doesn’t just happen while burping!). Unlike other brands that are more narrow, these are a much better insurance program to ensure coverage of your clothing! Not to mention, they’re made with 100% organic cotton and come in the softest, sweetest colors in solid colors and several sweet prints! You can get them just about anywhere, but of course, I love ordering from Amazon or directly from the Burt’s Bee’s website.

AngelCare Bath SupportAngelCare Bath Support

This was by far the ONLY way I was able to bathe the twins together, and I will absolutely be using this product again with the arrival. My husband traveled three work weeks per month the first two years of their lives, and the thought of bathing these babies together terrified me. I did not want to have to do two baths every night, so I went on a mad hunt for something I felt comfortable with so I could rinse off my littles at the same time and not rush through it. And across came this bath support that you simply set down in the bathtub. This product comes in pink, aqua (which is basically blue) and now a grey.  Since the twins, AngelCare has now started offering a booster version of this, but I’ll keep with the original. The booster is lower and closer to a flat position, whereas the original keeps baby more upright and in a little more snug position. Here’s a fun video of once the twins got a little bigger and were able to “play” in the seats during bathtime!

Hands-Free Pumping BraMedela Easy Expression Bustier

Of course, if you choose to go the formula route or are unable to breastfeed, then this product isn’t one you will care about. But if you are breastfeeding, and plan on pumping either exclusively or just some, this type of product is an absolute lifesaver! I borrowed the Lansinoh brand with the twins, but have gotten the Medela Easy Expression Bustier this time. However, there are tons of brands that make this type of product now, from versions that are like full coverage bras to strapless and even removable straps. What I love about this is being able to have both hands free while pumping both sides! I was able to get some work done on my laptop, read a book or magazine, or just relax (as much as you can burning the amount of energy you do), all while pumping.

Glass BottlesEvenflo Glass Bottles

I know, so many people are terrified because of breakage, but I just make sure to receive silicone sleeves to help prevent this from happening. But I will hands down only use glass bottles. I’m weird about how plastic bottles can kind of warp and get a little worn-looking, not to mention the risk of not cleaning them well enough and bacteria growth. Glass bottles are incredibly easy to clean – especially if you’re using breastmilk in them, but even with formula. A quick swipe of a bottle brush and some soap and it’s done… and there were some desperate moments with incredibly limited time that a quick splash of hot water and a dash of soap did the trick. I used the Dr. Brown’s Glass Bottles with the twins, but they’ve since discontinued the originals and only offer the wide-neck version. However, after some major research I did find a great website that breaks down all the compatible versions of bottles and bottle parts across almost every brand available, and found that the Evenflo Glass Bottles are 100% compatible with all the bottle vents from Dr. Brown’s (which I used religiously with the twins and had basically zero issues with air consumption and spit up). However, I have several friends who love other brands such as Avent and LifeFactory. What’s crazy is there are apparently people are making bottles out of mason jars! Amazon even has a kit to do this!

Fisher Price Comfort Curve BouncerFisher Price Comfort Curve Bouncer

Although this was absolutely my saving grace with the twins, I’ve learned from other moms of just singletons that it wasn’t just me that loved this thing. I guess really, any bouncer chair is what is needed, but this one specifically was amazing. I don’t care for insane bells and whistles on things, seeing as how babies and everyone have come this far without the crazy lights, figure eight motion movement and other crazy ideas that have been come up with for baby gear. So this bouncer chair sounded perfectly good to me, and it was! Especially if you’re having multiples and won’t always have a second set of hands around for feeding time – both bottle and spoon – these chairs allow you to keep the babies on the exact same schedule. The angle is perfect for them to sit up just enough to be able to bottle feed both at the same time, or just let them chill out and not be laid back. Babies get cranky once they start really being able to see things but aren’t in a position to do so. These specific chairs also offer a light vibration, which would take my twins from fussy to chill incredibly quick. And, other than the bar across with only two dangling toys, there are no other crazy features. The seat cover comes in several different prints and is removable for easy washing.

What are some of your must-haves for a newborn? I love to hear what others love and learn about new products!

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