Photo Shape Editor: y’all! I’m Shelby, a wife, mother to boy girl twins, stepmom to my husband’s first born, and a lover of the beauty world – hair, makeup, skincare, you name it! 

As a former hairstylist turned makeup artist, my passion is not the superficial world of beauty products, but the corner of a world that enhances a woman’s natural self and provides her the confidence she may lack. Whether she is willing to admit it or not, every woman gets just a touch of pep in her step and a taller stance when she adds a little lipstick and mascara to her life. This is one thing I learned once I started paying attention to the things that make me feel better about myself, and not what everyone expected of me; especially after becoming a mom.

My range of interests is wide – beauty, food, home design, and parenting, and even more. Yet, there is one interest that I’m able to marry with each of the aforementioned pursuits: writing. And so here I am, having decided there’s no better way to continue to learn myself and my strengths than to document the very things that make me, well, “me” – my home, my kitchen, my children and the products that give me joy, especially beauty products! And in turn, I hope to help my readers learn more about themselves as well, and which shade is right for them, no matter how many kids are in tow.

This is my journey – these are my fails, my triumphs and this is my way of doing things – and that’s what makes me #OneFabulousFiasco.