Photo Shape Editor:

It’s no secret that I’ve been a pretty bad blogger when it comes to consistency and content narrowing. Since starting this blog about a year and a half ago, I’ve run the gamut on topics and trying to find that specific sweet spot in which my readers can – and want – to hear from me. And it seems as though you guys relate and appreciate mostly the following:

Motherhood Truths: the untold stories that are free of the glamorous and filtered life of raising kids and birthing them. I really hold nothing back from the train wreck of keeping a clean house to the aftermath of giving birth, such as night sweats, what happens all around your lady bits and even postpartum depression.

Beauty Products: with my background in the beauty industry from hair salons, cosmetic counters and even behind the scenes, corporate roles, I have a pretty high standard of beauty products, but more like a champagne standard with a beer budget (and I don’t necessarily mean a niche craft beer kind of price). And I love to share products I find with anyone I think could benefit from them!

Health: I’m all about minimal work with the greatest results. Although I’m not the best at fitness, I do understand taking small steps every day to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle. I love to eat the right foods, make smart substitutions in recipes for less than stellar ingredient choices, as well as trying to just keep moving and not be sedentary (not too difficult with twin toddlers, though)!

What I really love the most? Combining the subjects from above. Motherhood can take a toll on you – physically, mentally and emotionally – for more than just being tired and having to deal with babies and kids and all the chaos that accompanies them. It takes a toll on you when you’re lacking sleep and your skin begins to be affected with blackheads and eye bags; when you haven’t had the chance to shower in days and your self-esteem begins fade each time you look in the mirror; for the times you need a quick fix to get out the door looking halfway decent without having to take all morning to look so.

So that’s where I exist and what my vision is: trying all sorts of products and techniques to make us mothers feel better about ourselves and rebuild our confidence after we welcomed life into this world, all while the kids are pooping their pants, I may or may not be sweating from chasing them to get out the door with possibly my underwear inside out (true story…), or my kids refuse to wear matching clothes. It’s a balancing act, and we have to find the time, or at least the right products, to take good care of ourselves.

This is what makes me, and each of you, #OneFabulousFiasco.