Mint is my favorite color. And I only realized this once I threw a baby shower and most of the guests commented on how pretty the decor was in my house… and how my jeans matched my home. To be someone who pays so much attention to detail and is obsessed with reading between the lines, I’m clearly oblivious to myself.

The same obliviousness431165_10100206963884743_292777402_n about myself keeps me in a gray area between confidence and complete insecurity – a game of limbo in which I’ve chosen to walk towards the confidence line, by simply making fun of myself and not caring what others may think. Luckily, the ends have justified the means so far, and those same means have left me with funny stories to tell and ways to give advice and encouragement to others. I like to think of it as taking one for the team.

As a former hairstylist turned makeup artist, my passion is not the superficial world of beauty products, but the corner of a world that enhances a woman’s natural self and provides her the confidence she may lack. Whether “she” is willing to admit it or not, every woman gets just a touch of pep in her step and a taller stance when she adds a little lipstick and mascara to her life. This is one thing I learned once I started paying attention to the things to make me feel better about myself, and not what everyone expected of me; especially after becoming a mom.

My range of interests is wide – beauty, food, home design, and parenting, and even more. Yet, there is one interest that I’m able to marry with each of the aforementioned pursuits: writing. And so here I am, having decided there’s no better way to continue to learn myself and my strengths than to document the very things that make me, well, “me” – my home, my kitchen, my children and the products that give me joy! And in turn, I hope to help my readers learn more about themselves as well, and which shade is right for them, no matter how many kids are in tow.

This is my journey – these are my fails, my triumphs and this is my way of doing things – and that’s what makes me #OneFabulousFiasco.