First impressions of the new city

So one of my last posts was the big announcement – we’re leaving our home of the state of Georgia to pack our tyrant twins and head north to a suburb of Detroit. Or even possibly downtown Detroit and rent a condo for a year. Who knows. That’s the million dollar question (if only the answer truly resulted in a million dollars though….) Continue reading “First impressions of the new city”

The sacrifices we make as parents

In October of 2014, when we found out we were pregnant with twins, my husband and I knew that me going back to work after six weeks of maternity leave just wasn’t going to work for us. It also didn’t help that I was let go from my job…. two days before our first doctor’s appointment where we found out there were two buns in the oven! And the week prior to me being let go? We closed on our house. Yea, fun times. Continue reading “The sacrifices we make as parents”