#skincaresunday – Product Reviews: IT Cosmetics

I tested out a few of the intriguing products from IT Cosmetics. Read on to see what I decided!


Friday Favorites

I recently shared with you some of my favorite products right now over on Instagram, and thought you might want some details on these products and why I’m loving them so much! Pregnancy is a tricky time, both exciting and annoying, in so many different ways. One of the exciting parts of pregnancy for me … Continue reading Friday Favorites

Beauty & Confidence Tips for When Motherhood Has Taken Over

Motherhood takes a toll on you, and not just in one way. Yes, the pregnancy can (and in some way always does) wreak havoc on your body, but there’s so much more that goes on than just your tummy not being quite the same or dealing with a bladder that has been shoved aside for … Continue reading Beauty & Confidence Tips for When Motherhood Has Taken Over

Current Beauty Products and Life Changing Announcements!

This has to have been my longest stint of silence since I started this blog! It’s has been an incredibly crazy and hectic few months; way more so than normal. We’ve had so many changes and events taking place that I’ve had to take a step back and gather some moments of just quiet, simple, … Continue reading Current Beauty Products and Life Changing Announcements!

“Face-Base” Must Haves of the Moment

Even though I go MIA from time to time here at One Fabulous Fiasco, that doesn't mean at all that I'm taking a break from trying all sorts of skincare and makeup products! And lately, I have fallen absolutely in LOVE with several things you guys need to see. I've put together a list of … Continue reading “Face-Base” Must Haves of the Moment

#skincaresunday : Benton snail bee

By now I’m guessing you can tell I have quite the curious eye for Korean beauty products. I’m fairly new to this cosmetics phenomenon, so I haven’t been able to try out a wide range of products, but I will say that Benton Cosmetics is by far one of the best skincare brands available… whether … Continue reading #skincaresunday : Benton snail bee

Who has more fun? Blondes or redheads?

Alright, alright! I’ve been teasing you guys about my new hair color, since two hair colors ago! It took me the two sessions to finally achieve an actual blonde look again, and I wasn’t THRILLED with the in between color I had to live with for a few short weeks, so here we are. I’m … Continue reading Who has more fun? Blondes or redheads?

#skincaresunday : sun protection and skin complexion

So I’m kind of in the gray area between skincare and makeup with this post, but since the product I’m discussing has moisturizer in the name and contains SPF, I’m not going to feel bad, and I'm just going to throw this product over into the skincare category without any shame. At the beginning of … Continue reading #skincaresunday : sun protection and skin complexion

On being fabulous

Fabulous.  That’s the very word that comes to mind each time I’ve ever been asked where I want to be in five years, what my dream job would be, and what do I want to achieve in life. I want to be fabulous. That’s all. Messrs. Merriam and Mr. Webster’s definition is simple - “very … Continue reading On being fabulous

I think I qualify

I thought it might be helpful for you to understand why I’ve decided to start this blog, as well as why I may know a little bit about what I’m writing on! Check out a detailed version of my “experience.” What makes you a good authority on beauty? I grew up in a hair salon. … Continue reading I think I qualify