Out and About: Detroit’s Sister Pie

Well hey y’all! Good to see you here at the blog 🙂 Things have been insane in my life (per the usual), and I just wrapped up a visit from my mom where we made as best use of our time as possible, and kept these twins on their toes! We visited what is possibly … Continue reading Out and About: Detroit’s Sister Pie


Goodbye Atlanta, Hello Detroit!

Hey y’all (Yes, I still have my southern twang, and have “y’all” and “bless your heart” in my vocabulary) !!! We’ve been in Michigan for a little over a week now, and have definitely been through the ringer with toddler adjustments, heatwaves (I thought I was getting away from 90 degrees and humidity??), and organizing … Continue reading Goodbye Atlanta, Hello Detroit!

First impressions of the new city

So one of my last posts was the big announcement - we're leaving our home of the state of Georgia to pack our tyrant twins and head north to a suburb of Detroit. Or even possibly downtown Detroit and rent a condo for a year. Who knows. That's the million dollar question (if only the … Continue reading First impressions of the new city