Getting Your Kids to (sort of) Successfully Eat the Good Stuff

Toddlers, man. They’re TOUGH when it comes to, well, everything! They’re especially tough when it comes to getting them to eat healthily and not just a bunch of junk and snack foods. When they were younger and I was a total stronghold over their food intake and sugar content, it wasn’t so difficult. Then, they started Mother’s Morning Out and have since attended other part-time programs where cookies, crackers and other snacks I had never intended to introduce them to so early and often happened. And then the convenience of certain foods was just REALLY appealing. Continue reading “Getting Your Kids to (sort of) Successfully Eat the Good Stuff”

Fall Weather Equals Soups Galore

Okay, so with it now being officially Fall (and quickly creeping into Winter here in Michigan), I am all into soups! It’s just that time of year that it feels so good to devour large spoonfuls of yummy, warm goodness and dip a warm piece of bread in to sop up the remains. As an homage to this wonderful season and all that it brings, I thought I’d share with you some of my most favorite soup recipes from the food bloggers I regularly follow! Continue reading “Fall Weather Equals Soups Galore”

Recipe: Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon Soup

I love Fall and everything it brings – sweaters and boots; cooler weather and leaves changing colors; pumpkins and other gourds, and all of the delicious recipes from these and other seasonal fruits and veggies!

Earlier this week I posted a photo of my son helping me with the beginning prep of one of my absolute favorite fall recipes: A roasted butternut squash soup… that has bacon blended right into it! Continue reading “Recipe: Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon Soup”

Out and About: Detroit’s Sister Pie

Well hey y’all! Good to see you here at the blog 🙂 Things have been insane in my life (per the usual), and I just wrapped up a visit from my mom where we made as best use of our time as possible, and kept these twins on their toes! We visited what is possibly one of the cutest concepts and quaint food spaces, and with its unique food offerings in an eclectic space, I knew immediately that I would have to tell you about Sister Pie! Continue reading “Out and About: Detroit’s Sister Pie”

Bulk buying with kids and decluttering wishes: I don’t even know where to begin

The pollen in Georgia is OUT OF CONTROL and we just can’t take it anymore. I’m in a fog no matter what kind of antihistamine I try to take, and my son has an inhaler because his allergies are so bad he’s been wheezing. This right here is one of the things I am NOT sad to leave behind when we make the move to Michigan in the next couple of months!

Because we’ve been cooped up inside most of the days lately, we decided to head over to Sam’s Club this morning to stock up on some things. And also because we’ve been cooped up inside and are allergy-stricken, my little people were in full on cranky mode.  Continue reading “Bulk buying with kids and decluttering wishes: I don’t even know where to begin”

Organic, local and fresh

Aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle is something I truly pursue. I don’t workout hardcore, but I do exercise, and I do my due diligence when it comes to nutrition labels and organic ingredients. And with a little help from some of my friends and family, it makes it a little easier to follow through with healthy and clean eating. Continue reading “Organic, local and fresh”

Making mealtime a little easier some nights

Last night I didn’t have time to really put together a “good” (read: not a freshly picked from the garden and sweated over for hours over the stove 5-star) meal for the littles. But thankfully I had a ton of leftovers to heat up. It’s quite a hodge podge of food but I’m pretty sure we’ve covered all of the food groups with this random assortment. Continue reading “Making mealtime a little easier some nights”